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Abstraction of the name william

Quilts by Janis Benedict

Janis' introduction to quilting began in 1995 with a basic class at a fabric store. She was so captured by the process that she produced three different versions of the project, and exclaimed, "I can do this!" Life as she knew it had changed and so has our home which is adorned with her quilts that give it life and color.

Kay's quilt

Year: 2013
Name: Celebration
Dimensions: 64" by 64"

The quilt was made for Kay Heaton.

Wanderlust quilt

Year: 2013
Name: Wanderlust
Dimensions: 35" by 48"

The quilt was made for the SLO Quilter's Ultimate Challenge.

Jonathan's wedding quilt

Year: 2012
Name: Wedding
Dimensions: 54" by 54"

striped fabric quilt

Year: 2012
Name: Striped Fabric
Dimensions: 43" by 55"

Second wedding rings quilt

Year: 2012
Name: Wedding Rings 2
Dimensions: 67" x 67"


three panel sprial quilt

Year: 2011
Name: Spiral Triptych
Dimensions: 3 @ 15" by 15"

The quilt was made in a class taught by Carol Taylor.

wedding rings 1 quilt

Year: 2011
Name: Wedding Rings 1
Dimensions: 50" by 68"

The quilt was made in a class taught by Pam Mumms based on the pattern she created.

five generations quilt

Year: 2006
Name: Five Generations of Women
Dimensions: 37" by 37"

The quilt incorporates photos of five generations of women related to Janis—great grandmother to daughter. It also includes crochet, embroidery, tatting, ribbon embroidery and other embellishment by the women.

boots quilt

Year: 2003
Name: These Boots Are
Made for Walking
Dimensions: 22" by 32"

Inspired by hiking trips into the Escalante Canyon.

color theory quilt

Year: 2000
Name: Color Theory
Dimensions: 34" by 44"

The quilt was made in a class taught by Gai Perry on color theory.

Inspiration quilt

Year: 2000
Name: Inspiration
Dimensions: 36" by 34"

The quilt was made in a class taught by Gai Perry on color theory.

william's quilt

Year: 1999
Name: William's Quilt
Dimensions: 81" x 86"

This quilt hung in William's office from 2002 through 2007 while he was Associate and Interm Department Head of the Architecture Department at Cal Poly.

Midnight at the Oasis quilt

Year: 1999
Name: Midnight at the Oasis
Dimensions: 36" by 36"

Kaleidoscope quilt

Year: 1999
Name: Kaleidoscope
Dimensions: 46" by 46"

daylilies quilt

Year: 1998
Name: Daylilies
Dimensions: 29" by 41"

Daylilies appeared in "Pieced or Appliquéd Flowers" published by the American Quilter's Society in 2000.

warm and cool quilt

Year: 1996
Name: Warm & Cool Colors
Dimensions: 32" by 44"

The quilt was made in a beginning quilting class taught by Mary Russell.